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Customer Comments

"As we discussed today, the label looks great. Thanks again for your cooperation and rapid response. We are looking forward to receiving the bottled water, and we expect they will be well received at the County Fair.


The label looks great. I just got off the phone with Ken. Print up 30 cases of labels and fill the bottles with water. Will need the product by third week in August as open house is set for Labor Day weekend. Thanks!!


It looks great!!!---just wanted to say thank you for trying to fill this small order for me. I appreciate your efforts very much.


First of all, thank you so much for your courtesy and efforts making a very creative label out of my photograph. You are REALLY some kind of terrific artist.


The label is great. Thank you. We are looking at ordering one pallet.


This looks great! Lets go for it. Thanks!!!


We love the water bottles! The District Manager was here yesterday and was as equally impressed with them!


Daren, this looks fantastic! Thank you very much!!!!


Ken I love the Christmas label. this is going to be a big hit! I want to do just 2 different labels.........


We just love giving people our Water Bottles it's so cool. E-mail any facts that I can share with people regarding drinking more of your Mt. Spring Water.


I love it!
Start running the order and let me know what the total bill will be, as soon as possible. I need to get in touch with the treasurer. Thanks--


Daren - they're absolutely perfect - a wonderful job!!! Go for it and my many, many thanks - all of us in the family will always be grateful to you for this. You've created a wonderful keepsake that we'll all continue to enjoy! Everyone will be so surprised and pleased when they see the labels on the bottles! Thanks again for the good work - very, very impressive!

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Know the Source


Frequently Asked Questions

標hat is the source of your water?

As the pioneers traveled west to the beautiful Oregon Country, they anticipated a refreshing pause at this special spring, 50 yards from the Oregon Trail. It was
known for its purity and cold crisp taste. As it is filtered through the
majestic mountains of Eastern Oregon, it remains as pure and uncontaminated
today as it was for the early travelers and Native Americans.

標hat do you add to your water?

Nothing!! This water is so pure and natural there is no need to alter it in any way.
Ozone Protected for Freshness and Purity

匹an I view your operation?

Yes!! We are proud of our water. We are located near the small town of
North Powder on I-84. We bottle this water at the source and invite you
to see our plant.

標hat can I use Custom Private Labels for?

Business Promotion....Weddings....Anniversaries....Reunions
Grand Openings....School Or Civic Fundraisers....Tradeshows....Sporting Events....Corporate Meetings & Events....Fine Hotel & Motel Room Amenities....Political Campaigns....Advertising & PR Campaigns....Sales Leads...Conferences....Seminars....Tours...Concerts....Tournaments

The uses of Custom Private Labels are unlimited!!

標hat can I put on my  Custom Private Label?

Fast and Simple or Fancy and Fantastic
Our labels are unique and designed individually to meet each clients needs.

View Sample Labels

Please see our Label Layout Requirements

Our in house art department can design a label for you or help you design a
label with your own ideas. Your label design is limited only by your imagination!!

Or  Use  our  handy 

標hat size bottles can I get?

Private Custom Labels Available  in two sizes:
20 oz. Bottled water w/sport cap
l Liter Bottled water w/sport cap

標hat do the labels cost?

There is a  One time set up fee  for art work and plates to make your label.
Our prices are very reasonable and competitive.

Call for pricing:

Or  Use  our  handy 

You order as many labels as you  NEED  at one time.

* NO MINIMUM * on labels we print in house.

This will give you the advantage of buying only
what YOU need when YOU need them.

菱ow long will it take to get My Custom Private Labels?

標e will need  three  weeks  notice for set up time and to run your order.

柊fter initial setup, 2 weeks to print & ship your reorder.