Oregon Trail Mountain Spring Water
Custom Private Label Guidelines

To better serve you and have your label created without wasting time and money, here
are some guidelines for providing us with any art work or layout ideas that you may have.

The outside edges are used for our required information.
We are required to have 100% Spring Water and the ounces on the center front of the label.
In some states a barcode is also required.

Basically the complete label may be used for your information, but please keep in mind
that you are designing on a FLAT surface.When WRAPPED around your
Bottled Water the center 2.5 inches is your main focal point.
Label printing is a completely different process than
printing magazine ads, flyers or any other flat surface printing

We only require a small area (usually along the sides and top) for our information.
We want YOU to have the full advantage of this large label.
You may print these guidelines to assist you with your layout.

If you are designing a TWO SIDED label
Please check these guidelines.

Remember, this label is a "liquid business card" for your company or organization.

By using these guidelines our ART DEPARTMENT will be able to create your label in a timely manner.

We appreciate your business!